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Cheap Towing Car Rental Fees Per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, and Per Month for towing luxury cars, broken cars, and so on. Welcome to Web Id Heavy Equipment Asphalt Finisher rental service center and cheap heavy equipment rental in Indonesia. We rent various types of heavy equipment for construction, cut and file, transportation and so on. For more information contact our sales.


Jabodetabek Crane Services will be very helpful for your future activities. For example, if there is a problem with your vehicle on a trip that requires the assistance of a tow crane, then we are here to help you. The use of towing cars has many benefits, such as distributing luxury cars for exhibition purposes or sports cars for racing purposes, towing a broken car on the way, and so on.

Description of Towing Car Heavy Equipment

Towing Car Rental Prices - Mobile Towing or a tow truck is a vehicle used to tow vehicles that are submerged in a flood by raising the vehicle up or carrying the vehicle. Towing carrying, which is a method of towing a car by raising the vehicle at the back. This type of towing is often used to transport vehicles that are submerged in floods. Can also be used to transport new vehicles to be sent to consumers.

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Hydraulic towing is a method of towing a car by raising the vehicle at the rear hydraulically. The way it works is that the haul truck from this tow truck will be lowered to the lowest part, and then the car is raised right above the tub and then the haul truck is raised again. The following is a list of towing car rental prices in Jabodetabek and surrounding areas.


No Tool Name Brand Rental Price
1 Towing Car Rental All Brand Negotiable

Information of Towing Car Rental Prices

  1. Order 3 Days Before Delivery.
  2. Prices do not include VAT
  3. Minimum rental is 7 days.
  4. Rental rates above are for JABODETABEK area.
  5. And the price does not include MOBILIZATION.

This is the information for Towing Car Rental / Rental Prices for the Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and surrounding areas. Hopefully with this information, you can calculate the costs needed to rent a heavy equipment car towing, for your car towing needs. For more information contact our marketing contact.