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Latest Diesel Hammer Rental Prices

Inexpensive Diesel Hammer Rental Fees Per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, and Per Month for diesel powered pile driving. Welcome to Web Id Heavy Equipment Asphalt Finisher rental service center and cheap heavy equipment rental in Indonesia. We rent various types of heavy equipment for construction, cut and file, transportation and so on. For more information contact our sales.


On this occasion we offer "Cheap Diesel Hammer Rental Prices" for driving 20 x 20 and 25 x 25 piles into the ground by hitting and widely used in construction projects. Construction contractors often use Diesel Hammer heavy equipment for foundation work, especially piles measuring 20cm x 20cm and 25cm x 25cm. Because the rental price and piling services are quite cheap and can save costs.

Diesel Hammer Machine Description

Diesel Hammer Rental Price - Diesel Hammer is a type of tool The weight used in the pile work serves to hit the pile into the ground used for the foundation of high-rise buildings, bridges, piers, towers, etc. So diesel hammers are often used for medium to heavy concrete work and for steel piles. Piling Service Contractors use Diesel Hammer heavy equipment for erection work of multi-storey building foundations, bridges, piers, towers, etc.

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One type of piling tool that is easy to rent is a diesel hammer. This piling tool is a development of the steam hammer, as the hammer driver is a mixture of gas and air. The diesel hammer machine has a hammer weight of 1.5 to 2.5 tons, also a frequency of 40 to 50 strokes per minute, and a calendaring every 10 strokes, and a drop height of 0.9 to 1 meter. Below is a list of diesel hammer rental prices per day in Greater Jakarta.


No Tool Name Brand Rental Price
1 Rental Diesel Hammer DD35 All Brand Negotiable
2 Rental Diesel Hammer DD45 All Brand Negotiable
3 Rental Diesel Hammer DD55 All Brand Negotiable
4 Rental Diesel Hammer DD65 All Brand Negotiable

Diesel Hammer Rental Price Description

  1. Order 3 Days Before Delivery.
  2. Prices do not include VAT
  3. Minimum rental is 7 days.
  4. This price does not include fuel and operator.
  5. Rental rates above are for JABODETABEK area.
  6. And the price does not include MOBILIZATION.

This is the information on Diesel Hammer Rental / Rental Prices for the Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and surrounding areas. Hopefully with this information, you can calculate the costs required to rent a Diesel Hammer heavy equipment, for the purposes of a pile foundation project. For more information contact our marketing contact.