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Latest Backhoe Loader Rental Prices

Cheap Backhoe Loader Rental Fees Per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, and Per Month to meet the need for heavy equipment on construction projects. Welcome to Web Id Heavy Equipment Asphalt Finisher rental service center and cheap heavy equipment rental in Indonesia. We rent various types of heavy equipment for construction, cut and file, transportation and so on. For more information contact our sales.

CHEAP HEAVY EQUIPMENT RENTAL - BACKHOE LOADER (Digging and Transporting Equipment)

At this meeting we offer "Cheap Baby Roller Rental Prices" for paving public roads, village roads, alleyways, using hotmix. According to its function, Baby Roller can also be called as Mini Asphalt Compactor because of its small size with compaction capacity of 1 to 2 tons.

In general, the function of the backoe loader is not much different from that of the dozer shovel, so that the backoe loader is capable of transporting material to a fairly high dump truck, as well as filling the AMP hopper, Crushing Plant and Batching Plant.

Backhoe Loader Machine Description

Backhoe Loader Rental Price - Backhoe Loader is a type of tool heavy duty that has two functions, namely digging and transporting material. This type of heavy equipment is a combination of a loader as a material loader and a backhoe as a digger. The backhoe loader machine has strong, sturdy wheels and tires. There are many important elements contained in a backhoe loader and the operation method itself varies. Backhoe loader operators must emphasize effectiveness and concentration for good performance.

But of course, heavy equipment backhoe loaders still require additional equipment or attachments to operate on construction projects. In addition to digging, heavy equipment backoe loaders can be used to dismantle asphalt, break up hard materials like new and others.

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Advantages of using Backhoe Loader Rental or Rental

The following are some of the advantages of using a Backhoe Loader for construction work that you often encounter in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and surrounding areas.

  • By renting a Backhoe Loader, you can save on operational costs compared to buying a Backhoe Loader unit.
  • The Backhoe Loader is suitable for construction work especially digging and transporting materials.
  • Comes with loader attachment for hauling and backhoe for digging.
  • Using hydraulic power driven by a powerful diesel engine.
  • Construction work will be completed faster, and save time.
  • Cheap and affordable Backhoe Loader rental prices.
  • High material mobilization so as not to cause damage to other materials.

Backhoe Loader tool is widely used by contactors, usually used in construction work. Because the Backhoe Loader rental price is cheap and affordable and the results obtained are very satisfying. The following is a list of the latest cheap Backhoe Loader rental prices for this year. And for more info contact our marketing.


No Tool Name Brand Rental Price
1 Backhoe Loaders All Brand Negotiable
2 Backhoe Loader WB93R–5 Komatsu Negotiable
3 Backhoe Loader WB93R–8 Komatsu Negotiable
4 Backhoe Loader WB93S–5 Komatsu Negotiable
5 Backhoe Loader WB97R–5 Komatsu Negotiable

Remarks on Backhoe Loader Rental Prices

  1. Order 3 Days Before Delivery.
  2. Prices do not include VAT
  3. Minimum rental is 100 hours.
  4. This price does not include fuel and operator.
  5. Rental rates above are for JABODETABEK area.
  6. And the price does not include MOBILIZATION.

Jabodetabek Area Backhoe Loader and Mobdemob Operator Fee

Backhoe Loader Operator Fee IDR 250.000 to IDR 300,000 Per Day
Mobilization and Demobilization Costs IDR 4,000,000 to IDR 7,000,000 PP

This is also an explanation of Backhoe Loader Rental Prices for the Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and surrounding areas. Hopefully with this information, it can help contactors calculate the costs needed to rent a Backhoe Loader, for construction projects. For more information contact our marketing contact.