Asphalt Finisher Rental Prices - Rental Service Fee

Harga Sewa Asphalt Finisher Terbaru

Biaya Sewa Asphalt Finisher Murah Per Jam, Per Hari, Per Minggu, dan Per Bulan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan akan alat berat pada proyek pembangunan jalan yang sedang ramai saat ini. Selamat datang di Alat Berat Web Id pusat layanan jasa sewa Asphalt Finisher dan rental alat berat murah di Indonesia. Kami menyewakan berbagai jenis alat berat baik untuk keperluan konstruksi, cut and file, alat angkut dan lain sebagainya. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut hubungi sales kami.


On this occasion we offer "Cheap Asphalt Finisher Rental Prices" to facilitate hotmix work on public roads, toll roads, country roads, village roads, and areas that require hardening. Heavy Equipment Asphalt Finisher has several unique terms such as Asphalt Paver, Asphalt spreader, and so on. Cheap Asphalt Finisher (Asphalt Paver) is much sought after by contactors, especially road repair contractors.

Asphalt Finisher heavy equipment is often used in hotmix work on public roads, state roads and toll roads. Asphalt Finisher chain type chain is often referred to as a crawler track. As for under the hopper, there are those that have the same width as the hopper. The workings of the hotmix spread, starting with putting asphalt into the hopper, then the asphalt immediately descends to the surface and is combed by a knife. The knife serves to get a decent level of flatness.

Description of Asphalt Finisher Heavy Equipment

Asphalt Finisher Rental Price - Asphalt finisher is a type of tool heavy duty and is used to spread asphalt mixture or hot mix on the road surface of the work area. The hot mix is ​​produced from the asphalt production equipment, namely the Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP). In addition, there are two types of heavy equipment Asphalt Finisher, namely Asphalt Finisher crawler type that uses tracks and Asphalt Finisher type of rubber wheels (Wheeled). On track type Asphalt Finisher machines, the spread is smoother and flatter than using Asphalt Finisher with rubber wheels of the same size.

The role of heavy equipment Asphalt Finisher is very important and large, especially in road pavement and resurfacing work that uses Asphalt or hotmix basic materials. All types of asphalt can use this machine in laying it on the work area. Re-coating on the highway which means giving a layer of asphalt on the old road and also the road in a state that does not meet the road construction requirements.

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Advantages of using Asphalt Finisher or Asphalt Paver Rental

Here are some of the advantages of using Asphalt Finisher Rental for road asphalting or hotmix work that you often encounter in Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and surrounding areas.

  • By renting an Asphalt Finisher, you can save on operational costs compared to buying an Asphalt Finisher unit.
  • Then the Asphalt Finisher is suitable for spreading asphalt material on the work area and also leveling the road surface.
  • Using hydrostatic (hydraulic) power driven by a powerful diesel engine.
  • The results are smoother and more flat than the manual.
  • Has a knife that serves to comb the level of evenness of the desired hotmix.
  • Easy to operate, and can save work time.

Asphalt Finisher tools are widely used by contactors, usually used in hotmix work on alley roads, village roads, and neighborhood roads. Because the Asphalt Finisher rental price is cheap and affordable and the results obtained are very satisfying. The following is a list of the latest cheap Asphalt Finisher heavy equipment rental prices this year. And for more info contact our marketing.


No Nama Alat Merek Harga Sewa
1 Asphalt Finisher 3 M All Merek IDR 350.000 /Jam
2 Asphalt Finisher 6 M All Merek IDR 450.000 /Jam

Asphalt Finisher Rental Price Description

  1. Order 3 Days Before Delivery.
  2. Prices do not include VAT
  3. Minimum rental is 100 hours.
  4. This price does not include fuel and operator.
  5. Rental rates above are for JABODETABEK area.
  6. And the price does not include MOBILIZATION.

Operator Fee and Mobdemob Asphalt Finisher for Jabodetabek Area

Asphalt Finisher Operator Fee IDR 250.000 to IDR 300,000 Per Day
Mobilization and Demobilization Costs IDR 4,000,000 to IDR 7,000,000 PP

This is the information on Asphalt Finisher Rental Prices for the Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and surrounding areas. Hopefully with this information, you can calculate the costs needed to rent an Asphalt Finisher machine, for the purposes of a road asphalt project (hotmix). For more information contact our marketing contact.